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dubaiOne was created as the first SSC theme, targeting StepMania 4 CVS (2008/01/03) as an alternative to the hacked up version of System Zero known by AJ as "the interim theme". The design goal was to be minimal (similar to minimalia) and clean (unlike minimalia). Much like System Zero before it, dubaiOne was to be one of the SSC flagship themes (along with shakesoda's Optical and Midiman's Cerulean Skies 2).

dubaiOne was named at random without any knowledge of the other DubaiOne. Instead, a theme called dubaiTwo had come up in AJ's mind beforehand, and dubaiOne was created to complement it. This naming conflict led to the theme being renamed moonlight when it was ported to the StepMania 4 alpha versions.


[image of dubaiOne's title menu]
[image of dubaiOne's style selection screen]
[image of dubaiOne's mode selection screen]
[image of dubaiOne's music selection screen]
[image of dubaiOne's gameplay]
[image of dubaiOne's evaluation screen]