AJ as freem [AJWorld]
AJ is the founder of SSC. A lot of things have changed since he started his involvement with the StepMania theming scene in 2003. Around 2008, he had started the sm-ssc project under the pretense of making StepMania theming even more amazing than it already was. Unfortunately, this has caused a large divide in the community. After getting fed up with the various people and drama surrounding the StepMania community, he announced a public hiatus in 2012. Of course, as he always does, AJ took inspiration from Terry Funk once again and un-retired around early 2014 to update his themes for later StepMania 5 versions and to provide some hands-off development.

SSC Works


Unfinished Business

Too many projects to list here.


SSC Works

shakesoda [excessive.moe]
When shakesoda isn't busy working on tons of other projects, he can be found making StepMania themes and other fun stuff, like Löve3D.

SSC Works

Deluxe [TAIKORA]
An accomplished graphical designer and model, Deluxe used to make StepMania themes back in the 3.9 days. Now, he's returned to make PARASTAR on top of sm-ssc.

SSC Works

tweak has made various themes, including a port of IIDX Empress to ITG2. More info when AJ isn't lazy.

Luizsan is probably better at theming than you (unless you're also in the SSC).


  • Delta, currently the best PIU theme in StepMania's history.