Latest version:
  • StepMania 5: optical (Rolling release)
Older versions:
  • sm-ssc v1.0 beta 2: optical (2010/04/10)

shakesoda's Optical is a theme with style, awesome coding, and shakesoda controls (Up/Down move the wheel, Left/Right changes the difficulty). The culmination of a few years of work, Optical is a theme that is unlike anything released before in the history of StepMania theming.


Optical does not show an evaluation screen after gameplay. Instead, you access the Evaluation screen by holding down the Select button on ScreenSelectMusic.

As mentioned above, Optical uses shakesoda controls, which means that Left/Right change the difficulty and Up/Down change the current wheel selection.

Optical has various things that can only be accessed by changing files manually. These files can be found in {main sm-ssc folder}/Data/UserPrefs/Optical/. If any of these are unused, AJ doesn't know about it.


todo: host optical screens/take your own