This project is currently frozen; it will be thawed once more people decide that StepMania is more than just DDR.
That may never end up happening... especially now that StepMania is Touhou.

The few things known about Selling Out Made Simple 2 are the premise, a few leaked screenshots, and an early preview video.

For those not familiar with the original Selling Out Made Simple, it was once described as "the kind of theme I would never make." The older readme (when the theme was being made by "Sera Anonimo") expands it:

It's meant to be IIDX-styled without having a likeness to any style in particular, kind of like Trance Machina, I suppose.
(Of course, the SOMS series has nothing to do with Trance Machina.)
Not everything will be styled as an IIDX-alike, however. (ScreenEvaluation comes to mind.)
SOMS2 is currently only scheduled to be released for StepMania 5, as older versions do not have the required Lua bindings in order to make this theme run proprely. It should go without saying that this theme will never be ported to StepMania 3.9, 3.95, OpenITG, StepMania 4 CVS versions, the StepMania 4 betas, or sm-ssc, but I need to do it anyways.


SOMS2 was AJ's primary focus theme-wise, before deciding to finish up various loose ends. (Work on the theme still continues today.) Serious work started in June 2010, though the theme was born a year before. The theme is currently a sketch version, meaning that the look of the theme will likely radically change for a final version.

This theme is for widescreen aspect ratios (16:10 and 16:9 in particular) only. Here's why. You will be notified of an incompatible aspect ratio on startup.

The options menu is said to "make you flip." See a screenshot below to see what I mean.

the selling out made simple 2 mantra:
the selling out made simple 2 mantra: I want this theme to be better than Cyberia Style
This is the mantra because people don't seem to give me any credit (as a themer) for my themes. moonlight hasn't been past 1000 downloads and people say it's one of my best themes. If I'm making a theme that nobody will end up using, what is the point of making it in the first place? I'm not trying to fight anyone, but they're trying to fight me. I'm sick of playing 5th fiddle in this StepMania theming community when I'm the one who is driving the theming community to new worlds (along with my SSC bretheren).
Don't doubt me on this, either. I'm throwing everything I know into this theme, and I'm learning & creating new things to abuse. :)


Work in progress.

Selling Out Made Simple 2 Title Screen (WIP version)
Selling Out Made Simple 2 Select Music Screen (WIP version)
Selling Out Made Simple 2 Select Player Options Test (WIP version)
Selling Out Made Simple 2 Singles Gameplay (WIP version) Selling Out Made Simple 2 Singles Gameplay with ProTiming and Stats panel (WIP version) Selling Out Made Simple 2 Versus Gameplay with ProTiming and Judgment counts (WIP version)