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20100801 @ 22:30 central time:
okay I decided to not build SM4 alpha 6 because now StepMania 4 means a build where theming is done in XML. fuck that. moonlight public beta 1 available for sm-ssc.
20100721 @ 16:22 central time:
moonlight pulse i3015 was pushed to the Mercurial repository. With StepMania's current direction unknown, I have decided that the next public release will coincide with a new unofficial build of StepMania 4 ("alpha 6-unofficial"), assuming it runs okay.
20100526 @ 21:18 central time:
moonlight pulse i3014 was pushed to the Mercurial repository. No telling when moonlight public beta 1 will be released, since I'm trying to get moonlight to coincide with StepMania 4 alpha releases... and those aren't really happening all too often these days.
20100314 @ 00:55 central time:
moonlight pulse i3011 was uploaded on the Mercurial repository. It should be noted that pulse i3011 = moonlight public alpha 7. :)
20100305 @ 23:34 central time:
moonlight pulse i3010 was uploaded on the Mercurial repository back on the 21st of February. Crap. I should really get another public beta release out soon.
20100215 @ 21:29 central time:
moonlight pulse i3009 is now available on the Mercurial repository. lol monthly update
20100116 @ 22:58 central time:
moonlight pulse i3008 is now available on the Mercurial repository.
20100111 @ 04:44 central time:
hg clone
and then maybe run hg update every once in a while. The code in this repository is pulse i3007 as of this post. (moonlight public alpha 6 was pulse i3005.)

Edit: Proper installation instructions if cloning
  1. Delete the moonlight theme folder before continuing. Back up any settings, though they should all be written elsewhere by this version of the theme.
  2. Run hg clone, which should create the moonlight directory.
  3. optional maintenance steps:
  4. Visit to see if any changes have been made, and if so...
  5. Run hg update in the moonlight directory.

20091228 @ 12:04 central time:
Late Christmas present for people who are using StepMania 4 Alpha 5. :)

or in other words, moonlight public alpha 6 is out.
20091225 @ 23:16 central time:
Expecting a new moonlight release to happen soon? You're not alone. :)
It's recommended you grab shakesoda's build of Alpha 5 if you're on Windows. (Those are the binaries only, so you'll need to have the normal SM4A5 installed already; just extract to your Program folder.)
(p.s. if it gives you an error when starting up, make sure you have this (x86) or this (x86_64) installed (depending on your OS type)

20091213 @ 03:06 central time:
Judging by some of the responses from around the StepMania community, as well as my own experience, the official Alpha 5 isn't exactly the best build. That being said, when the SM4 Alpha 5-compatible version of moonlight is released, the old version won't be pushed off the page.
20091212 @ 09:36 central time:
lol no one's going to believe this, but StepMania 4 Alpha 5 has been released for Windows (and Mac). That means I can start working on themes for regular StepMania again (as opposed to sm-ssc). Expect a new moonlight release soon.
At this rate, I expect sm-ssc's first private beta wave to be released before StepMania 4 alpha 5.
Funny how that works out...
20091119 @ 03:03 central time:
Cycling out the old posts since I noticed people were downloading older versions when the later versions exist. If you want to use an older version, see the just-added older posts section.

Personally, I see moonlight as stable, and in theme matters, I've moved on to the production stage of [SSC-004]. I've not abandoned moonlight, though, as it's still not finished. The next version will add a way to view the number of flashing Marvelouses you get on Eval, finally finishing that feature up.

I don't think there's much more that needs to be added to the theme, just tested. If StepMania gains certain abilities in the future, some features will be expanded upon. However, I make no promises or guarantees.

(At this rate, I expect sm-ssc's first private beta wave to be released before StepMania 4 alpha 5.)
p.s. you can apply for the first sm-ssc private beta wave now. the instructions are on the site. omg can people follow instructions? yes they can. (I got a form submission email without even announcing public signups.)

Public alpha 1 screenshots

All in 960x600, to prove this theme looks decent in (some) non-4:3 resolutions.

older screenshots:

moonlight looks good in both 4:3 and 16:10 (maybe also 16:9; don't ask me to test 8:3) moonlight also features screen filters and covers. Dreamwoods did it first, but my customization options are better.